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Friday, 28 April 2017

Automated Cycle Parking in London

It was great to hear about automated cycle parking this week. We attended the Bicycle Association (BA) Spring meeting in London on Tuesday, and part of the meeting was to hear from Nick Knight of EcoCycle.

Automated cycle parking is very like automated car parking. You would take your bicycle to one of these units, push it into a slot and the bike is taken into the secure facility and parked in a stack. The idea from Japan enables lots of bikes to be parked securely in a small space, and can even be located underground with just a small kiosk at street level.

With a growing cycle network and number of cycle journeys, cycle parking could definitely become an issue - we don't want the footpaths in cities to just be lined with parked bikes. This is a simple and effective solution. Because the facility is secure, only you can retrieve your bike, you can also leave any luggage and your cycle helmet strapped to your bike.

I think that electric bike users would be really happy to use something like this. In the not to distant future there may even be charging facilities so that when you return your bike is charged and ready to go!

Ralph and I were please to go to Southwark after the meeting to see a prototype in action. Nick explained that these units could be used for public parking, for businesses to install for staff parking or for new residential developments as resident parking.

A small device would be securely fitted to the bike so that the parking machine can recognise it when it arrives. Customers will be able to retrieve their bikes with either a card or a smart phone.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Bicycle Blogger and Police Cyclist in Weymouth

Tim's Cycle Shop held an electric bike open day on Saturday. Batribike went along with extra demo bikes to help out. I do enjoy this sort of event, you just don't know who you will meet.

Blogger Richard Anders came to see what was going on and to take some pictures. Richard has taken his love for cycling and for photography and embarked on a 365 day project to chart cycling in 2017. He is posting a cycling related picture and story every day for the whole year. If you would like to follow Richard's 2017 cycling story you can see it on tumblr http://cycle365project.com

Having already met Ralph at the London Bike Show and done a story on Tim earlier in the year it was great to get us all together and Richard kindly took a picture of the team at the event.

Ralph and I had arrived in Weymouth the night before and we all walked into town for an evening meal. It seems that Tim knows everyone in Weymouth and everyone knows Tim. There is a great community feel to his cycle shop. As we walked out on Friday evening me met the local Community policeman on his bicycle, he stopped for a chat and promised to drop by the next day.

The team had a tea urn on the go from the start of the demo day with biscuits and cake to tempt the visitors. The community feel to the day continued with customers new and old dropping in to test ride the bikes and enjoy the hospitality.

At the end of the day we headed off home and couldn't resist the scenic route past Stonehenge. What a great day it had been.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Knee Rehabilitation by Electric Bike

Way back at the end of January I fell over and twisted my knee in a big way. Any of you who have seen us at shows since then will have seen me hobbling about and sometimes wearing a knee brace.

The consultant thought initially I had torn something but last Thursday I got the good news that I don't need an operation, nothing torn. I had just injured my knee in a very big way and now I need to get it working again.

Yesterday was my first physio session. I can't straighten completely and can only bend it about half way. I asked the physio about cycling and she said excellent! but don't over strain.

Going out on an electric bike is perfect to get my knee working again. Turning the pedals mobilises, and the electric motor assistance takes the strain on hills and inclines. To start with my knee was really stiff and I wasn't sure whether I was going to be going very far. As I got going it became easier and my knee got a little bit easier to move.

What a great afternoon it was to be riding on the Perdu. The wind was a little chilly but the sun was shining as I took the cycle path along the river. I found a whole field full of cowslips which looked fantastic.

Further on the blossom was coming out on the Hawthorn. It seems as though summer is just around the corner and now I am on the road to recovery I'm looking forward to lots more electric biking.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Batribike in Glasgow

Batribike was at the Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show at the weekend. It is quite a trek for us up to Glasgow but there is always a warm welcome.

Interesting architecture on this car park as we arrive in Glasgow
The event was held at the SECC the Scottish exhibition and conference centre, which is just behind a marvellous building which has been dubbed the Armadillo. When we arrived at our hotel we were next to the Clyde straight across the river to the Armadillo and the Hydro centre. They were all lit up beautifully.

We got the stand all set up on Thursday using the same layout as the London Bike Show.

There were plenty of activities for the young and young at heart to take part in and there was quite a buzz in the air when the show started on Friday.

It was a great view walking over the bridge to and from the hotel

A difference between the sunshine and when it was flat calm and a superb reflection
The cycle path alongside the Clyde is part of the National Cycle Route NCR1
We were delighted to chat to existing Batribike customers, it is lovely to hear where people have been on our bikes and that they are enjoying the adventure.

Discussing the bikes on the stand
There was a test track area where we could take visitors to get a feel of what an electric bike is all about. It was great to see that “electric bike smile” as they had their first experience of a pedelec.

We were promoting our network of Scottish stockists and it was great to see them all on the stand to discuss the coming season.

G & L Marshall Huntley, Aberdeen
Philip Lang Cycles Glasgow
A & G Motorcycles (electric bikes) Dumfries

Easygo Electric Bikes Linlithgow
 All too soon it was time to pack up and head back across the border. It’s not many days before we do it all again at BikeExpo in Manchester.

Sunshine as we cross the Clyde Arc on our way out of Glasgow
The broad sweep of the Borders
The Batribike van on the Scotland / England border
The open road with clearing skies

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

London Bike Show Success

Batribike was displaying and demonstrating the latest European built 2017 models at the London Bike Show last week.

Getting all the kit unloaded ready to build the stand
As usual build up day was fairly busy. When you arrive and empty the van it is hard to imagine that all those bits and pieces are going to transform into a sleek looking stand that will just be there for four days, before you take it all to pieces and pack it away again. This year we were hampered because I had injured my knee two weeks before. A torn medial tendon isn’t a great way to go to a show. However I had a strap on knee brace for support and managed well.

The frame for the back wall is taking shape

Stand complete and ready for show opening Thursday morning
Opposite our main stand and adjoining the test track we had the Batribike gazebo. We were able to demo all the 2017 bikes from there. On the first day the Delta proved extremely popular accomplishing 11 miles on the small test track.

The Batribike Delta on the stand
Thursday, the first day of the show, saw us busy with show visitors and members of the cycling press. Dave Atkinson from the cycling websites Road.cc and ebike tips was definitely interested in the styling of the new bikes. The next day the Batribike Perdu and Quintessential both featured in his “Hot 5 ebikes” from the show. Read what he said about them here - ebike tips

Batribike Perdu
Batribike Quintessential
It hardly seems any time at all before the show is over and it is time to pack up again. It’s not long until the Scottish Cycling show in Glasgow and we will be heading off to do it all again.

Time to pack it all away ready for the next time

Friday, 6 January 2017

New Year Resolutions? Electric Bikes Help Out!

The excitement of the Christmas holiday is over and the winter blues are starting to set in. Rather than ending up with failed resolutions to “get fit” or “do more exercise” that often end up with a new bike discarded in the shed. Why not consider an electric bike?

The Batribike Alpha
An electric bike is fun to ride and can take the strain out of hills and head winds. Surveys have shown that customers who choose an electric bike are much more likely to ride more frequently and to continue to use the bike after the novelty of a new toy has worn off. Or maybe the novelty doesn’t wear off! I certainly get the grin factor every time I go out on an electric bike!

2017 marks the tenth anniversary of starting Batribike and I for one still enjoy riding an electric bike, and it gives me that “electric bike smile” every time I set off down the road.

Riding a pedelec or pedal assisted electric bicycle isn’t about giving up and letting the bike do all the work. The whole principle is of the bike and rider working together. Distances are easier to attain and hills easier to manage.

Surveys say, and our own experience tells us, riders are likely to go out more often, and for greater distances. Government studies report that we get moderate exercise from riding an electric bike, all this can only be good for our health.

So, grab that New Year resolution by the horns and test ride one of the 2017, made in Europe, Batribike range. You might just find yourself smiling as you ride up the road!

Get ready for summer and pedal your way to fitness with ease and comfort
The Batribike Quintessential

Friday, 2 December 2016

Rising Congestion! Is now the Time to Buy an Electric Bike?

Congestion in cities and towns is rising, fuel and road tax increases are on the horizon, this could be the right time to buy an electric bike.

We hear that congestion in UK cities is the worst in Europe and that fuel price rises are set to add £5 to the cost of filling up an average family car. Parking is becoming more costly and less available. An electric bicycle could be a wise investment. Electrically assisted pedalling will enable the rider to maintain speeds of up to 15 mph making commuting by bike a real option.

News this week from data company Inrix is that there are more than 20,300 "traffic hotspots" (where drivers have to drop their speed by 65% for at least two minutes) in UK cities - well over double the number in Germany and twice that of France*. Inrix collected traffic information from car sat-navs, mobile phones and road sensors in 19 different countries, throughout September this year.

An electric bike from Batribike is classed as a bicycle and can therefore be ridden in cycle lanes and on cycle paths. No insurance, MOT, road tax or licence is required. An ideal form of transport for commuting, an electric bike assists the rider allowing destination clothing to be worn, you don’t arrive hot and sweaty! The option to take cycle paths and routes can often shorten a journey and certainly allows the rider to bypass congestion hotspots.

The latest 2017 range of European built electric bikes from Batribike are stylish and practical. Ideal not only for commuting, but for leisure riders too.

*Findings by INRIX Roadway Analytics.