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Friday, 1 March 2013

Out and About in Norfolk

On Wednesday I was off to sunny Norfolk in my trusty Batribike van. The weather lately has be rather chilly with the wind cooling things down considerably so I have really had to layer up. This week saw a slight change with forecasts predicting temperatures in my area moving above zero. Hurrah!

I have to say that Wednesday turned out to be a lovely day to be out and about, the sun actually shone which made the countryside look rather nice. Now whilst we aren't talking precisely tropical it was a degree or so warmer and with the sun out the illusion of the summer to come was there.

Firstly I had a meeting with a potential new dealer, another quick meeting and then later in the day I headed on to call in at Batribike dealers Transport Electric UK. It was good to see Geoff and talk to him about the Diamond LS he loves the simplicity of the three speed hub gear and ease of use of the controls.

Then it was time to head for home. The sun was still shining and there were some lovely old windmills to be seen. Unfortunately as is always the way when there are some great things to photograph there is no where suitable to stop. The only 'windmills' I managed to take a picture of were actually turbines in an industrial area but they still looked quite nice with the sun behind them.

It seems that Spring is definitely pushing at the heels of winter too, as there were loads of snowdrops and one or two crocuses about.


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