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Friday, 29 January 2010

49 Miles on the Mercury!

That's it then I've finished testing on the Mercury Electric Bicycle this morning, a superb total of 49 miles on medium assist, good speed on that setting too, between 10 and 12 mph.
I went out 'double hatted' again today, which did seem a bit much to begin with but when it started to drizzle the temperature dropped and I was glad I'd gone with the hot option.
I took a ride out to check the snow pile at the college, it had reduced to two little monoliths yesterday - mini snowmen! I wondered, would they still be there today, sadly no, more of a cowpat today, but it was still white!
Going along one of the cycle/foot paths I came up behind a walking couple, rang my bell to alert them, nothing happened, rang again, they were looking up in the air, finally they looked behind and jumped to see me there. They apologised and said they couldn't work out what the noise was, they had been looking at the overhead lines in wonder thinking that the noise was coming from there!! They were very interested in the bike and said it looked very nice and was it new, they didn't even know at that point that it was one of ours and I was out testing, so I take that as a great compliment to the bike.
I saw someone else out on an electric bike today too, and one yesterday so I think that now the snow has gone everyone is getting back out there.
Didn't go as far as the reservoir today so can't report back on the geese, did see lots of other birds though, by the river and on the lake in the park. Yesterday I got 'buzzed' by a pigeon I was just coming through an underpass where there were a couple of pigeons walking, they decided at the last minute to fly off, I had to duck to avoid getting a pigeon on the head!
Saw a woman taking her cat for a walk yesterday too! she had it on a lead and everything!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Warmer Today

Much, Much warmer today, the wind actually felt warm on my face this morning...and...the sun shone! How good is that.
I was still wearing multi layers though, and TWO hats, but my hands were warm as toast.
Testing went well on the Mercury, I was using medium power and travelling between 10 to 12 mph most of the time. I managed 43.8 miles, that's quite a long way... and I still have battery power left so I will finish tomorrow, I hope it will be nice again.
Good news on the goose front, there were some on the reservoir today, Graylags I think, and lots of Gulls, and I saw a Green Woodpecker swooping low over the grass by the river.
The nice thing about being out on a battery bike is that people talk to you, if I had done 40 miles in a car I wouldn't have spoken to anyone, A lady on a bike called "good morning" when I started out and lots of walkers said hello or smiled, it's a very friendly way to travel.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Testing Again!

I've been out on the Mercury again today, it was just starting to rain when I got out there - or was it sleet - anyway it was very cold...Brrr

Ralph was kind enough to come with me on his Onyx - to keep me company - but I think he regretted it once we were going, he said his hands were warm, lucky thing! but as he was pedalling I guess he could keep his circulation going. My thumbs went numb straight away even though I had thermal mitts on.

The good news is that testing on throttle alone is finished...yay...a stupendous 25 miles! I'm rather pleased with that.
Saw some bird watchers peering through a mesh fence - but there was only a football pitch the other side! The geese are still missing from the reservoir - surely it's not too cold for them :-)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Testing the Mercury

I have been out testing on the new Batribike Mercury battery bike this afternoon. It's jolly chilly out there - much colder than yesterday. I saw one heap of snow still lingering outside the college, I guess it was a huge snowman once.
I was testing the distance on power only, so I didn't do any peddaling which made it even colder. I suppose at 15 mph the wind chill factor must make it lots colder than it really is. How do people on invalid scooters manage they must be freezing all the time!
The batteries in my GPS needed changing and my fingers were too cold to do it out there so I made it an excuse to finish.
The bike was going well, 12 miles so far on power alone and all four battery power lights still on so I'm hoping for great things. I've already tested it on pedal assist, it has three levels, low medium and high, I tested on high and it did a fantastic 28 miles!
No geese on the small reservoir today, when I went past last Monday there were loads, Canada and Greylag, I wonder where they have all gone.


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