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Friday, 30 April 2010

Riverside Ride

I've been out test riding again this time on a folding electric bike, it's been a great day for cycling. I have been using my 'normal' route which is about 12 miles long, linear, and mostly by the river, riding from home I join the route at the 4 mile mark, usually I turn left and start with the short leg. Riding through the park and across the river in 4 places the cycle way then moves into the 'countryside' and past fields, one today was full of rape which was fully out, looking spectacular and fragrant too.

Loads of wildlife about, I saw several Orange Tip butterflies. When I went past the reservoir there was no sign of the geese, but strangely on the way back a short time later there they were, about fifteen of them all honking to let everyone know they were there - so surely they weren't just hiding the first time I went past.

One of the bridges is being replaced, it was very narrow and often had pedestrians standing on it to watch the river, it was difficult to push your bike past them because it just wasn't wide enough. The notices have been up for some time to say work is starting soon, today there had been big changes, but not a workman in sight!
They have created a temporary bridge while the work is underway. I crept down the side and took a look underneath the new 'bridge' and they seem to have just laid five enormous corrugated pipes and chucked a lot of crushed stone on the top, I wonder if this is how the finished item will be or will they actually build a bridge.

I always think of this as Kingfisher bridge as there have been many sightings along this small stretch of river. I have been reading that the very hard winter we have just had will probably have killed as many as 50% of our Kingfishers nationally, I hope that some have survived here.

Moving out on the other 'leg' of my route I cross through the middle of the town and then out again following the river which is much bigger here and the views are completely different with huge Weeping Willows and meadow type grass. One of the bridges near town is made of metalwork with railway sleepers across it - it makes a very satisfying blonk, blonk, sound as you ride across.
An excellent 40 miles completed today - and still the battery wasn't flat!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Sun Shines on Peterborough

The weather continues to be fantastic and we have been really busy. Had a great BBQ after the show last night with the guys from WildAx motorhomes and Smart Outdoors.
Today the most popular electric bike in our range has been the Quartz.
Lots of very positive interest in the new prototypes, watch the website for information coming soon on these new electric bicycles.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Batribike at Peterborough Show

The first day of the National Motorhome Show today here at Peterborough. The weather has been perfect, sunny with a slight breeze.
Lots of interest in electric bikes, we have a great range here including the chance to see prototypes of our new bike for the first time.
It was a half day today only opening in the afternoon for pre booked ralliers which was nice and leisurely. Tomorrow it will be much busier.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Motorhome Show at Romsey

We have had a fabulous weekend at Broadlands, Romsey. The weather was perfect and the crowds were out, looking forward to their summer holidays and keen to try our electric bikes.
Here we are all set up and ready for the gates to open.
Our most popular models this weekend were the Quartz folding electric bike and the Breeze electric bike.