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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Obama Calls for Economy of Energy Usage

Battery bikes could play a vital role in reducing the use of non-renewable fuels such as oil.
In the backlash following the BP oil spill many world leaders such as Barack Obama are concerned about the huge consumer use of non renewable energy sources and are calling for everyone to be much more aware of how they use energy. Recently Obama has said that the US' oil dependence and broader energy policy was "unsustainable".
Many of the journeys we make by car are less than five miles and could be replaced by using a battery bike. Not only would this be a saving on fuel and emissions and therefore much kinder to the planet, this would also have a considerable financial benefit in a saving on fuel costs and also parking and congestion charges.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Battery Bikes – Cut short distance travel by car, cut emissions, save money!

Battery Bikes - The joy of two-wheels without the strain

The feeling of liberation, of freedom and abandon. As a child, nothing compares to the sense of independence that riding a bike enables and yet, as adults, we seem to grow apart from our trusty childhood friend as other, more expensive forms of transport come into our lives. After walking and talking, learning to ride a bike ranks up there as being one of any child’s greatest achievements and helps lay the foundations for a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise and yet, once adult, many of us shun the humble bicycle and the benefits it provides, seemingly content to battle our way to work stuck in never-ending queues of traffic, sucking in exhaust fumes and consigning ourselves to an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle, undoing all of that good foundation work.

The trouble is that the car is too convenient. It takes no effort and its progress is acceptably swift for most, despite the rush hour traffic. For sure, it has expanded our horizons and made long distance independent travel possible but for many of us and for many occasions its use as the primary form of transport is nothing more than habitual.

Short Distance Travel – Cut Your Emissions

Statistics suggest that up to a staggering 80% of all car journeys made are less than six miles and that almost a third of all journeys are of approximately only one mile! It’s also estimated that 75% of a car’s harmful exhaust emissions during a typical six mile trip are made during this first mile. It’s well known that a car is most inefficient when cold and during such short journeys, the catalytic elements within the exhaust system do not operate fully and so not only are such journeys most damaging to both our cars and our planet, they’re also not doing much to help our personal financial situation as fuel costs continue to spiral.

Battery Bike - Who’s it for?

The beauty of a battery bike is that the assistance it gives will compensate for our natural fitness deficiencies at the time when we need the help most – right at the commencement of any regular routine. Because the effort required to pedal is reduced, it arguably places less load on our joints and cardio-vascular system and so it can make the return to regular exercise less stressful for our bodies.

Unsurprisingly, a large proportion of battery bike sales are to the “Golden Oldie” or “Silver Surfer” generation of upwardly mobile early retirees who are busy enjoying their selves by travelling and visiting many places with their Motorhomes and Caravans. The appeal of the battery powered electric bicycle is natural in that it provides instant and easy local transport without having to take their motor caravan off-site and into local towns / attractions. The concept also appeals to the commuter who is looking for a quick and reliable transport method to get into and around towns and cities and for anyone who is looking to kick-start their fitness regime either after illness, injury or inactivity.

Battery Bike – All Round Benefits

The benefits of an electric bike are many fold, an improvement in general health and fitness for the rider and an enjoyment of short distance travel, no more traffic jam frustration. Saving money in the current economic climate is on everyone’s list and fewer emissions give a long term benefit for the planet and the future.

For further information in relation to Battery Powered Bicycles please visit our website at Batribike.com

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Battery Bike Ride

Another superb 48 miles today, the weather really is perfect for riding a battery bike (aka electric bicycle or e bike) the wind was warm again, maybe a trifle blowy for the normal cyclist but with assistance the riding was a breeze!

I always enjoy riding through the college as there are so many different varieties of plants and shrubs set out in many different gardens, There are several big pine trees clustered at the corner of one of the carparks and the windy conditions had knocked lots of the cones to the ground, because it has been so dry they are all fully open and look like a host of tiny hedghogs.

Going past the farm unit of the agricultural college they had just put two tactors and trailers out onto the field that had been cut for hay, there were three or four young lads and I think they were going to practice driving with trailers - what fun.
Away from the college the plants along the edges of one of the bridleways have grown so much, one of the thistle type plants must be nearly six feet high and the Hogweed is not far behind, when I saw them yesterday after not being out on a battery bike for a while it was like seeing children you haven't seen for a while I felt like saying 'how tall you've grown!'

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Battery Bike Testing

Today's ride has been about comparing some different battery technology. It seems like ages since I was out on one of the electric bikes, there have been a few shows back to back and some office work to do which meant that I haven't had the chance to be out battery bike testing.
It has been a typical summers day today with a lovely warm wind which has made the 48 miles I have done an absolute pleasure. The wind created some lovely noises, blowing through the rape with a shush, shush, sound and whistling through my hoop earings meanwhile the grasshoppers created a background chorus, the joggers I passed with their iPods plumbed to their ears didn't know what they were missing!

There were lots of changes since I was out last, it was my first opportunity to see the completed bridge with all the temporary fencing taken away and the vehicle bridge that was made just for the construction vehicles had been removed too.

The wheat and rape have changed colour and are looking very golden against the blue sky and there were some wild oats which shimmered silver in the sunlight.

The bush that had been covered in catterpillars and webs has recovered, when I saw it last it was just twigs, but today it was covered in green leaves, it is amazing how resilient nature is.
The teazle flowers are nearly finished leaving bluey purple rings around the spiky green centres, they weren't out last time I came this way.

The agricultural college has finished for the summer so I took the opportunity to sneak onto one of their fields to see the turf maze they have created. It's a 'proper' re-creation of an ancient maze as it is a labyrinth, a single line, this one with an in and an out, finishing with a woven structure. When I came back down the bridleway passing the field I saw that a group of young people had also been drawn to it and were walking its route.

Going over the 'click clack' sleeper bridge in town I saw that a man from the Environment Agency wasout in a small boat, cutting and clearing the weed on the river, it was the first time I had seen it and was rather intrigued with the hedge cutter type device fastened to the front of the boat that could be used under water.

There was so much to see it was very easy to forget that I was riding for a purpose, but overall it was a very useful ride with much information gathered about battery bikes and their batteries.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Batribike Trike Looking Good

A range of battery bikes are on display here at the Northern Motorhome Show at the Cheshire Showground. The Batritrike is turning heads with its classy blue colour and capacious white baskets, the narrow wheel base makes it ideal for motorhomes so it is comanding a lot of attention.
The weather here was really windy first thing, but that soon died down and the sun peeked it's face out occasionally.

One happy customer demonstrated how her dog Brodie loved to ride out and about with her.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Battery Bikes at Brands Hatch

The Batribike Micro was again turning heads here at BikeRadar Live today, it's unique size and weight combination made it stand out from other electric bike options. Many people who tried it expressed their surprise at the amount of power for such a small package.

Our new friend Olivier at Rapha the coffee and cycle clothing specialist enjoyed his test ride too!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Battery Bikes - "c'est superbe!"

Battery bikes have been causing quite a stir here at BikeRadar Live. Rapha the coffee people have a stand next door to ours and have been doing a roaring trade in iced coffee as it is so hot here, unfortunately demand was outstripping supply and they were running out of ice! They requested the loan of one of our demo bikes to fetch some more and we were happy to oblige - the verdict on return "The Quartz, c'est superbe!"

There has been the opportunity to ride the Indy circuit here at Brands Hatch and we were very excited to take up the challenge, I rode the new 2010 Diamond and was delighted with the performance, on the main hill I was able to comfortably pass nearly all the 'normal' cyclists and really enjoyed the ride.

Ralph meanwhile took up the challenge and rode the circuit on the Micro our smallest and most compact battery bike. The performance once again was remarkable, to the point that one of the commentators, who had not previously been mentioning individual cyclists, announced that the tiny bike was out on the circuit and passing other cyclists, the speed sensor clocking it at 12mph along the straight.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Paul Heaton Bike Enthusiast

It has been very hot here at Brands Hatch today but there is a great festival atmosphere in the tented encampments.

Tonight there were a couple of live bands in the Big Top and then Paul Heaton (of the Beautiful South and the Housemartins) played some great songs including 'Build' one of my favourites. Paul was here because he is a great fan of cycling and has recently been on a cycle tour of the country.
I am now looking forward to demo-ing our battery bikes tomorrow.

BikeRadar Live!

The weather is forecast to be very good this weekend. We are looking forward to riding our battery bikes round the Indy circuit at Brands Hatch.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Battery Bike Demo Postponed

Unfortunately the demo today has had to be postponed by BEBA due to circumstances beyond their control. The good news is that it is only postponed and not cancelled, it is hoped that the event will be re staged in early October.
We at Batribike are very disappointed not to be in London today to demo our battery bikes but it is really good news that the event will be going ahead later in the year.
We are now looking forward to attending BikeRadar Live at Brands Hatch this weekend where lucky showgoers will have the oportunity to try our e bikes around the Indy Circuit.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Battery Bike demo at Westminster Palace

There will be a demonstration of battery bikes in Black Rods Garden at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 6th July for the members of both Houses and special invitees. This has been organised by BEBA (British Electric Bicycle Association) and will include a presentation on The Electric Bicycle - Cycling E-volution or Re-volution? where there will be discussion on how electric bikes can be integrated into the transport mix to promote greener transport.

The promotion of e bikes as a valid form of transport will create growing public awareness and further the use of electric bikes.