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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Hairy Biker Judges Bike Competition

The Batribike Hairy Biker was on hand today at Lincolnshire Council's 'Cycle Sunday' to judge the 'bling your bike' competition.
The choice was tough, the joint winners were The Pied Biker - who had a whistle and many mice! and the Safety Cyclist who was wearing many safety items including goggles, knee and elbow protectors.

The Hairy Biker was there on his battery bike.

Battery Bikes Join 'Cycle Sunday'

Riding my battery bike beside the River Witham today as part of Lincolnshire Council's 'Cycle Sunday' was lovely. The weather was a bit disappointing as there was drizzle in the air nearly all the time, which was a shame for the organisers but I thoroughly enjoyed my ride. The route was along the 'Water Railway' a cycle/foot path along a disused railway line, the surface is tarmac so perfectly fine for any weather conditions. I was riding between the River Witham and a sizeable ditch or drain giving a different variety of vegetation to where I normally ride.

There were lots of reeds along the verge as well as patches of old Willowherb and some stretches of Hawthorn adorned with bright red berries. Several swans were quietly dredging the edges of the drain their bodies gently floating and their necks looped into the water. The wildlife on the river was of an entirely different nature, I could hear it coming, a gentle grinding groan and a soft swish in the water, there was a rowing event on the river! the grinding noise was the seats sliding backwards and forwards in the boat.

There are some great sculptures along the route, with several points of interest boards, I only managed a small part of the route which goes from Lincoln all the way to Boston, but it has definitely whetted my appetite and I hope to be able to go back and do the whole route.

Batribike were there at the request of the council to demonstrate E bikes and to show how they can make cycling more inclusive.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Battery Bike Ride

I haven't been out riding for some time due shows and office stuff and I was beginning to get withdrawal simptoms, I love being out riding our battery bikes. When we were on our way to the show at Shepton Mallet we pulled into a layby just past Stonehenge, there was a lovely stand of Willowherb that had gone all fluffy on the top with the sun shining through it which made me want to be out there.

Today was my first opportunity to get out on the new uprated Batribike Quartz which will be available in late October. I took the 36V battery bike out to try it on the hill local to base, it has lots of torque and I wanted to see just how good the throttle was, marvellous, I made it up extremely easily. The torque sensor power delivery is excellent as is the regenerative braking which gives very controlled hill descent.

On the way back I couldn't resist a detour into one of the many country lanes here, sadly the fluff on the Willowherb is over but there was lots more to see. A damson tree had dropped its purple fruit onto the road edge so it looked like school boys had been there playing marbles. There were plenty of berries in the hedge row, hips, haws and elderberries making a huge splash of colour against the green leaves, it seems that the summer is really over, harvest is nearly finished, the colours in the hedge reminding me of the festive season (I can't say any more its far too early!). There were some enormous dandelion flowers on the verge, the largest I think I have ever seen, I wonder if they are some special strain.

Lots of work has been going on in the fields here, ploughing and seeding for next year and some of the hedges have had back to school haircuts.

Riding the battery bike went very well and I hope to be doing some distance mileage soon, whatever the season there is always so much to see.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Batribike Welcomes Take Charge Bikes

We welcomed David from Take Charge Bikes to our stand today here at the Motorhome show at Shepton Mallet. Take Charge Bikes are based in Bath and are stockists of Batribike Electric Bicycles. We were delighted to see David on the stand and to talk to many showgoers about local stockists.

Ralph and David discuss the Diamond

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Batribike Micro

New website launched today for the Batribike Micro!
We have been working away on a new website dedicated to the Micro bike, there are so many users that could benefit from this compact lightweight folder that we decided to give it, its very own micro site. Whether you are a commuter, aviator, yachtsman, caravanner or leisure user all the information you need is now on this dedicated site.
Micro bikes are transforming electrically assisted cycling because of their compact size and portable nature perfectly integrating with todays busy lifestyle.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Micro Electric Bikes, Could They Revolutionise Commuting?

Micro bikes in the transport mix?

During the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s the bicycle was king for transporting the masses to and from work. But the automobile revolution of the 60’s meant that the car was affordable and available. Many more families owned cars and breadwinners were able to travel further in their search for employment. The bicycle as a commuting vehicle became less and less attractive.

Concern for the environment and interest in green issues is bringing sustainable transport back into focus again and the bicycle is having somewhat of a resurgence as a viable commuting tool. Fuel costs, parking charges, congestion zones and road taxes are all having an impact on our pockets and commuters are looking for more economical ways to travel.

Folding bikes, the way ahead?

Folding bicycles have been around for a number of years. They were quite cumbersome at first but gradually design has improved. Folding mechanisms have become easier to use, and size and weight have come down making them much easier to transport.A similar revolution has been taking place in the electric bike industry. Originally batteries were extremely heavy and cumbersome and there was no point in having a folding version. As battery technology has advanced so has electric bike design. Bikes are now lighter, trendier and have a greater distance on a charge than had previously been thought possible.

Design attention was turned to the folding bike, how would this work in the electric format? The answer was, quite well! Electric folding bikes (also known as e bikes) have become very popular in the leisure industry, particularly in the caravan and motorhome market. The versatility of a folder has made it easier to store and the bonus of electric power has made it much more attractive to the user. For commuting though it still needed to be smaller.

Micro electric folding bikes, the revolution?

The problem with the standard electric folding has still been the weight. Taking the e bike with you on the daily train commute has meant you need a few muscles. Bikes have typically weighed around 20kg, with lighter ones at 18kg. These purpose built folders have been great for putting in the boot of the car, but are slightly heavy for carrying up steps at stations etc.

To make a truly micro bike with electric power assistance technology needed to move on again and now lightweight folding micro electric bikes are available. Weighing in at less than 10kg these e bikes are light enough to be carried up steps and onto trains. They are also compact enough to be stored by your desk in the office or taken on the tube at rush hour. Typically distances on pedal assist are around 10 to 15 miles which is ample for a daily commute.

So to the question, “Could micro bikes revolutionise commuting” the answer is a resounding Yes! The savings that could be made financially and in terms of the environment are considerable. The flexibility of using a micro bike to ride a mile or two to the station and the office makes this the ideal solution. The electric power assistance gives this type of bike e bike a definite edge over the conventional cycle making the ride much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Could this mean that we will see a return to the mass bicycle riding of the early years of the twentieth century?

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Batribike has a warm reception at Sywell

We have had a fantastic weekend at Sywell Airfield showing our range of electric bikes to some of the 700 light aircraft enthusiasts that flew in for the weekend. Everyone has been very patient with us as we struggled to come to grips with the number of different types and names of planes.

Thanks to everyone to helped make this a great weekend.

Some of the very interesting planes we have seen.

Friday, 3 September 2010

E bikes at Light Aircraft Rally

E bikes have been a great hit with pilots here at the LAA Rally at Sywell Airodrome, Northampton. Limited storage space and weight restrictions have limited their options in the past. The Batribike Micro has proved to fit within these limitations and gives electric assistance where previously there was none!

The other e bikes in the Batribike range are receiving lots of interest too.

The weather here today ghas been fabulous and its great to see so many planes, especially the old ones 'up close and personal'

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Caravan for Electric Bikes

We like the look of this caravan which would be ideal behind our battery bikes.
Seen on show at the Motorhome Show at Dusseldorf today.