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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Batribike at Chepstow.

Showing our Electric Bikes at different shows around the country means we get to do a lot of driving. We have just spent a whole week indoors at the NEC under artificial lighting and whilst it is a good show by the end of it you long to see proper daylight. So I really enjoyed the drive down to Chepstow from Lincoln, most of it is on the A46 that follows the old roman road, the Fosse Way that linked Exeter to Lincoln.

Much of our travelling lately seems to have been during dull grey days but there seemed to be a lightness in the air on Thursday and a hint of spring in the verges and hedgerows. The Snowdrops have been out for some time but to me they are still a flower of the winter, now there is the odd spark of bright green in the hedges and the willows have that lovely lush aura that heralds the beginning of the new leaves. In the gardens the yellow flash of the forsythia flowers against their stark brown stalks seem to say that spring is in the air.

Yesterday (Friday) was a glorious day the sun shone and the sky was a clear deep blue. There are tiny lambs in one of the fields the other side of the racecourse and they were jumping and running the way small lambs do, it seems incredible that they can spring into the air (much like a jump jet!) without so much as a run up, yet you never see sheep do the same thing.

Today has been much colder, it started out sunny but soon the white cloud covered the sky as a chilling breeze started to blow, but the promise of spring is still here, we saw it in the sky yesterday, the clocks will be changing soon bringing lighter evenings. I am looking forward to cycling my local tracks and watching the season unfold.


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