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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cycling the Lanes

Electric bike test riding again! The weather has been superb for the past week which has coincided nicely with some riding I needed to do. The first day (last Monday) was just a short recce, the weather has changed for the better and I was keen to get out on my favourite route.

The sky was blue but the was still that edge in the air, with leaves starting to show slightly green and one marvellously pink tree it did seem that the season was turning.

The next few days were slightly overcast and even a little misty, but the birds knew that spring was on the way. The bird song along the hedgerows has been fantastic, they have been swooping in and out of the hedges as I ride past. Even Friday when it lashed down with rain and really, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to be out there or not they were still singing their hearts out. After an hour in the rain, as my glasses dripped and my hands were cold, the weather started to improve slightly - it went from lashing to just drizzle! and I realised that actually it was great to be out there even on a day like that.

Yesterday was brilliantly sunny again and the breeze was warm too - a touch of early summer? Nature has moved on somewhat since last week, the pink tree is now over and looking rather drab, but the Hawthorn has sprung to life with a superb display and the fluffy brush catkins have almost a metallic gleam in the sunlight. The Celandines this year seem to be bigger than ever.

When I passed the man made lake the first time there was an abundance of waterfowl and my plan was to take pictures on the way back, of course by then most of them were out sitting on the grass! There was a large flock of gulls on the water though, but as I approached something spooked them and they lifted in unison and wheeled above the water, in a panic I grabbed the camera, wobbled to a stop and took a few shots, and I'm actually quite pleased with the outcome.

Over the past few days I have ridden over 220 miles in various weather conditions, but all of them have been enjoyable. I have used several different levels of electric assistance which I think will prove to be very popular and easy to use.


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