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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding Delays Electric Bike Test

Actually it was the rain! but I used that as an excuse and watched the Royal Wedding before I went out riding. The riding in question was testing the Breeze on throttle only, now I have been out throttle testing in the pouring rain before, it was a cold day and it was a job to keep warm with the rain stinging my face.
Yesterday it was definitely worth waiting, the afternoon was sunny and it was very pleasant to get out on the bike. Throttle testing takes a lot of will power as the urge to pedal sets in, but I resisted and had a great ride. Usually I try not to go out at weekends or holidays as the cycle/foot paths get busy but it seems everyone had stayed home to party and it was quieter than usual along the route.
I chatted to a couple of cyclists who were interested in the bike, neither of them had seen one up close before and both were impressed with the design and compact nature of the bike, also the distance I had been on throttle alone. Further along I met a man on an specialist Electric Trike who was interested in the testing aspect, he said that he often cycles my route as it has great scenery and is traffic free.
I was really pleased with the distance, 22 miles is pretty impressive on battery alone with plenty of torque to build the speed with ease.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Two Day Electric Bike Ride

The weather over Easter weekend was superb and I had a brilliant break getting in some non bike related exercise, but it did leave me somewhat achy for the start of yesterday's test ride.
The new folding Breeze has three assist levels, low, medium and high. Last week I was distance testing on high which assists the rider up to 15 mph (the legal maximum). This week I needed to try medium, this gives less assistance and therefore goes further on a charge. The speed is also slower as I use the same minimum level of effort as for high assist, giving an average speed of between 8 and 10 mph.
It's funny how differently the world looks when you slow down those few miles and hour. I couldn't make out what was different to start with. Last week at the faster speed I didn't really notice the people, I was in a world of my own where the flora and fauna really stood out. Yesterday it was all to do with people (probably because it took longer to pass them!) and the wildlife took a back seat.
Firstly there was a whole group of school children wearing Hi Vis and riding their bikes single file between two adults, there was lots of excited chatter, I guessed they were out learning how to ride safely. (having previously taught Cycling Proficiency for ten years I am a firm believer in teaching children how to be safe on the roads. I always said that if they only thing they learn is to instinctively look behind at junctions or before they turn then it's all worth while).
The children weren't riding fast but it still took a little while to pass their convoy. Next there was a group of young mums doing exercise in the park, they jog down behind their pushchairs, when I passed them they were doing some really fast running on the spot.
I moved on and was away over the new bridge when I met two cycling police people coming the other way, it really is a good way to police the parks. It's nice to see the Police back out on bikes, I know that the City of London now has a crack team of cyclists who patrol the square mile, they have also been testing electric bikes.
Coming back through the park the cycling children had stopped and were practicing hand signals. On the stretch of tarmac here I could see where the Police horse had been riding, it's metal shoes had left a series of U shaped scuff marks.
In the early afternoon I met a couple of the assistants from the Kiddy Caru nursery, they had eight small children in an enormous cart, out for some after lunch fresh air. Back down by the river some children were out of school and were paddling - one girl still wearing tights and her school shoes! I wondered what her mum would say when she got home.
Later a gentleman on a bike came along side to ask what it was like to ride an electric bike, we had a lovely chat before our ways parted, normally I would have been going too fast for him to catch me!
So there you have it 37 miles yesterday and another 7 today to take it to 44 miles in total, very friendly miles with greetings called, and for me, a completely different view of the park.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Electric Bike Riding

Yesterday was a glorious day for electric bike riding. Having just spent the last twenty days travelling aroundthecountry attending shows it was really good to be out riding again. Our new folder (the Breeze) was calling and I just had to get out riding.

The hedgerows had changed dramatically since I was out last, it seems like overnight summer has arrived, the wind was warm and it felt like July rather than April. But unlike summer the greens were really vibrant, the new leaves standing out dramatically against the blue sky. In the hedge bottoms white flowers and bright yellow dandelions vie for my attention while the dandelion clocks are almost perfect silvery balls as the sunlight transforms them.

One field of yellow caught my attention, the stalks were too short for it to be rape, but then I looked again and they were cowslips, a whole field of them!
Near here too were a series of flowering Broom, I could smell the blossom before I could see it.

There was plenty of wildlife about too, as usual loads of waterfowl on the reservoir,
and then to my surprise a grass snake zig zagged across the tarmac
in front of me and disappeared into the vegetation before I had chance to even think about taking a photo. Lots of small Orange Tip butterflies flitting around and then a man with a net catching flying things making a note on his clipboard and then freeing them again.

It was a superb ride of 29 miles a great start to the Easter weekend and now I'm looking forward to getting out there again next week.

Monday, 18 April 2011

New Electric Bikes Well Received at Peterborough Show

Batribike displayed it's updated versions of the Diamond (step through) and Granite (cross bar) at the National Motorhome Show at Peterborough this weekend. The new bikes have an easy to read LCD fitted to the handlebars which gives riders the convenience of a built in cycle computer. Easy to operate buttons give six levels of pedal assist plus a selectable throttle and the addition of an easy start button.

The sunshine over the weekend brought crowds to the show and many got the opportunity to test ride the new models, the feed back was excellent and with advance orders taken we are looking forward to stock arriving in mid May.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Peterborough Show Expects Crowds

The National Motorhome Show opened it's gates to ralliers at 1.00 today. Once again it looks as though it is going to be a fantastic event with the showground packed with trade stands.

The photo shows our stand just before the gates opened, we have a fantastic selection of electric bikes to try including a chance to try the brand new Breeze which is now available to pre-order for delivery in mid May.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Batribike Supports British Heart Foundation

Batribike was approached in January by the British Heat Foundation regarding the benefits of electric bikes. We subsequently gave them some information about our bikes and a folding Quartz bike for their competition. The April edition of Heart Matters magazine is now out where you can read about the benefits of cycling as a whole.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Romsey Sunshine Brings out the Crowds

The fantastic summer like weather has brought many motorhome and caravan fans to the lovely Broadlands near Romsey.

Batribike are showing their range of electric bikes and many showgoers have taken the opportunity to take a test ride.

The new advertising banner shows the perfect partnership of a Quartz folding electric bike and a WildAx motorhome.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Great Weather for Biking with Electric Assistance

The sun is shining today and there couldn't be a better time to get out and try an electric bike. The weather at this time of year seems to change day by day. On Sunday we were at a show in Shepton Mallet and were treated to dark stormy skies, momentary heavy rain showers and even hail.
Today it is very summery with sunshine, blue skies and the birds singing. The daffodils are still out but now there are primroses and cowslips too.
Whatever the weather an electric bike can take you into the countryside with ease, taking the strain out of riding whilst you enjoy the scenery or getting you home quickly when there is that unpredictable shower.
Electric bikes are great for commuting too, the rising cost of fuel and parking issues are leading many more to commute by bike. The only issue is arriving hot and sweaty with no shower or changing facilities to help freshen up. An electric bike takes away the need to work hard to arrive within a reasonable time frame and levels out those hills!
There hasn't been a better time to test ride an electric bike, try one this weekend, see us at the Motorhome Show at Broadlands, Romsey near Southampton.