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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Electric Bike Riding

Yesterday was a glorious day for electric bike riding. Having just spent the last twenty days travelling aroundthecountry attending shows it was really good to be out riding again. Our new folder (the Breeze) was calling and I just had to get out riding.

The hedgerows had changed dramatically since I was out last, it seems like overnight summer has arrived, the wind was warm and it felt like July rather than April. But unlike summer the greens were really vibrant, the new leaves standing out dramatically against the blue sky. In the hedge bottoms white flowers and bright yellow dandelions vie for my attention while the dandelion clocks are almost perfect silvery balls as the sunlight transforms them.

One field of yellow caught my attention, the stalks were too short for it to be rape, but then I looked again and they were cowslips, a whole field of them!
Near here too were a series of flowering Broom, I could smell the blossom before I could see it.

There was plenty of wildlife about too, as usual loads of waterfowl on the reservoir,
and then to my surprise a grass snake zig zagged across the tarmac
in front of me and disappeared into the vegetation before I had chance to even think about taking a photo. Lots of small Orange Tip butterflies flitting around and then a man with a net catching flying things making a note on his clipboard and then freeing them again.

It was a superb ride of 29 miles a great start to the Easter weekend and now I'm looking forward to getting out there again next week.


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