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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Life, The Universe and Electric Bikes!

Riding has been on hold for the last five and a half weeks, I fell over and hurt my arm (Royal Wedding Day actually) three trips to the hospital later and it was diagnosed as a fracture in my elbow. Apparently this is a common injury if you have an impact on your hand - so clearly I shouldn't have tried to save myself! As the elbow started to improve I realised that my wrist and shoulder were quite tender too, so I guess the whole arm took all the shock. Typically it was my right arm so it has made it quite difficult to do many things.
Shows have of course continued, I haven't done any lifting, but I have chatted to lots of lovely people about bikes in general, electric bikes specifically and loads of customers have been to tell us where they have been with their bikes and how much they are enjoying them.
Travelling between the shows we have seen giant swathes of Oxeye Daisies along the roadsides and across the fields and poppies too bringing a bright splash of colour.
So just when I thought the arm was nearly better and I could be out on the bikes again - I have a cold! now I know that shouldn't stop me but, it's in my head making me feel slightly un balanced and as I'm breathing through my mouth I think I'd rather not be sucking in any flies or other flying insects!
Hopefully this time next week I shall be out on the Lincolnshire lanes, and then we will be off to the 'Great Summer Escape' at Belvoir Castle. We are in the Green area there with our own individual riding area so it should be a good show.