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Friday, 9 December 2011

Sunny Day for Test Ride

All our electric bike testing seems to be done in the winter! This is probably because we are so busy at other times of the year - and this is the time to look at the new models we might have up our sleeves for the spring.

The potential new lighter weight bike we are prototype testing at the moment already has a name - the "Sprint". It is a trendy, sporty looking bike.

Today I got to take the Sprint round my usual haunts to see how it performed. The weather really made it a pleasure to be out there, blue sky and sunshine almost made me forget the gales of yesterday. There were some sections of the ride however where it was a bit blowy and the wind had a definite edge to it. I was glad to be wrapped up warm with my super gloves on!

It was a joy to be outside after several days cooped up in the office. The trees were looking good, I usually prefer them with leaves on, but today with the sun you could really appreciate their architectural lines. The red berries on some were shining out just like miniature Christmas lights, and a willow with some uppermost leaves still on, shone out silvery white.

There were lots of little hedge birds popping in and out along the ditch line and I saw one squirrel rummaging in the leaves.
One of the fields I passed has been ploughed recently and the soil was a rich velvety brown in contrast to all around that was shining in the sun.

28 lovely miles ridden, I'm hoping for some more good weather over the next couple of weeks as I test out all the settings, and give the Sprint a real work out.

A sneaky preview gives a glimpse of the upswept mudguard!