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Friday, 11 May 2012

Councils Compelled to Deliver Walking and Cycle Routes

Transport Extra is today leading with the story of the new duty to compel councils to deliver walking and cycle routes.

Electric bikes can make a huge difference to the distance considered by riders as feasible for commuting or other daily rides but the safety of cycling routes can often be a barrier. This could all change as new legislative plans published this week by the Welsh Government mean that local authorities in Wales are likely to become the first in the UK to have a duty to deliver a network of walking and cycling routes.

Developing and maintaining safe cycle routes is to be made a legal obligation. The Active Travel (Wales) Bill will not become law until the end of 2013 but it is already causing quite a stir. Cycling groups are delighted by the proactive stance taken by the Welsh Assembly and there have been calls to the English and Scottish parliaments to follow suit.

Safer cycling routes across the UK would prompt more people to get out on a bicycle for everyday journeys. Safety concerns are often a barrier to cycling as an alternative to other means of transport.


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