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Friday, 29 June 2012

Electric Bikes at Bike Fest 2012

We had rather a busy week last week. On Wednesday we headed out to the Mobility Roadshow at the East of England Showground at Peterborough. The weather had improved and we were looking forward to the three day show. We got the show van into position in the bike fest area when we arrived, positioning very carefully against the tarmac as Ralph pointed out that the grass area was lower - and you never know!

Unfortunately it then proceeded to rain all night which meant that the campsite was flooded in the morning. I'm pleased to say that the weather did not deter the visitors, and the bike area proved popular.

The wind gained in strength during Friday and by the end of the day many stand were hanging on to their shelters. In fact when we arrived Saturday morning the gazebos opposite had decided to lay on their backs and play dead. Luckily all our equipment stayed intact.

The Batribike Stand at Bike Fest 2012

As soon as we were packed up on Saturday evening it was time to head over to Shrewsbury to the Bike Fest 2012. The weather was a little chilly Sunday morning but dry, yay!
Bike Fest is organised by Shropshire Motorcycle Road Safety Group and as you would expect was principally about road safety. 

It was also aimed at motorcyclists but there was lots of interest in Electric Bikes. All the test riders were impressed with the amount of assistance the bikes could give and had that "electric bike grin" after their test rides. The event was free to visitors and there was plenty for them to see with loads of motorbikes on display and the Savage Skills bicycle team put in two stints in the arena. The event was also raising money for the local Air Ambulance, I understand the total raised was around £1800.

Colin Young from BBC Radio Shropshire was there introducing the arena events and taking a look round the show. "I'm not really a motorcyclist" he confided. "But these electric bikes look much more like the thing for me". I explained how they worked and what the benefits were. Then he asked if he could interview me for his radio programme. The interview went out on air just after 2.00 p.m. on Monday.

The afternoon was a lot brighter than it had been for several days so I got snapping with the camera and have included several, especially of the Savage Skills guys who looked as if they had some sort of death wish!

Savage Skills

Savage Skills
Ready to Jump!

Getting some air!

The Harley Davidson Stand

A very shiny Victory - which looked more like an artwork

Bikes With Lights. All the services, Paramedic, Police, Fire and the AA

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Green Week Electric Bike Events

There have been many events around the country to promote being environmentally friendly during Green Week. We at Batribike Electric Bikes were delighted to be able to attend two of them over the weekend. We were at the London Green Fair on Saturday and Sunday and at the Big Green Event in Bristol on Sunday.

All set up amid the Bristol Architecture.

Considering how the weather has been just lately I was seriously concerned that the events might be a washout. Thankfully there was a huge improvement and Saturday dawned bright and clear for the trip to London. In fact the sun shone and we were even at risk of sunburn! Sunday remained dry too even feeling a little warmer than of late.

The crowds in London's Regents Park were treated to a festival of free music and green events many enjoying the opportunity to sit in the sun and have a picnic. I took the opportunity to have a quick ride and take in the scenery of the great park.

The Electric Bike Fest area was sponsored by BEBA (The British Electric Bicycle Association). BEBA members and non-members displayed a vast array of electric bikes of varying styles and retail prices. A test track had been set up in Chester Road between the Inner and Outer Circle roads where Green Fair visitors could test ride electric bikes in a traffic free environment.

We were very busy both days in London and in Bristol showing people how the bikes work and watching them enjoy the excitement of their first 'assisted' ride.

There was also the opportunity to discuss how electric bikes fit within the Green Week ethos. It seemed that some thought that we were trying to get dedicated cyclists off conventional bikes and onto electric. Once they understood that it is all about making cycling more inclusive, getting people onto bicycles who would otherwise perhaps use a car or to help people cycle further than they would on a conventional cycle, everyone agreed that electric bikes have a big part to play in improving the environment.