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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Utility Bikes

While I have been out and about lately I have seen a couple of interesting bikes that prompted me to take pictures of them. The first was in lovely sunny conditions in a garden leading down to the waters edge on the Norfolk Broads. A rather excellent full size garden ornament with planters full of flowers.

The second was an advertising bike, actually a tricycle, with an advertising hoarding on the back, in the same style as the van type ones you see randomly parked on verges. This one was located at the end of the market square in a somewhat drizzly Keswick.

The advertising bike got me thinking about utility bikes in general. Electric bikes are ideally suited to load carrying (or pulling). One of our customers uses his Batribike Diamond to pull a trailer to his allotment carrying his tools on the way there and adding his produce on the way back. I can just imagine him with a trailer full of marrows and a pumpkin.