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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Electric Bikes Cross the Tracks!

It's a lovely sunny day here in Lincolnshire so I have been out on a test ride with our new trainee. I was demonstrating to him how brilliant electric bikes are at assisting you on hills. Our local 'hill' is a 1:10 with a 1:8 kick at the top, which is quite hard work for the average cyclist on a non assisted bike. The hill starts at a junction so you are nearly always coming at it from a standstill or very low speed which is never good for hills as a bit of momentum really helps.

We negotiated the hill easily! We tried different levels of assistance and different gears and proved to ourselves that even a mid level of assistance made the hill easy to negotiate without straining our legs.

Cycling back to base we came to a level crossing which closed its gates as we approached. The crossing is on a rural roman road so you can see the crossing from a long way back. As we waited the man in the signal box was calling to me, I couldn't quite hear what he was saying so crossed the road. He said that if we wanted to continue we could go through the passenger gate and cross the track! I was a bit concerned and asked if a train was coming, but he said that it was fine to cross. I have to say we hustled across quickly and were way up the road before the cars behind caught us!
Diamond XL

I was riding the new Batribike Diamond XL which along with the Granite XL has been designed for the taller rider. Having somewhat longer legs myself I found it very comfortable to ride and the 700c (28") wheels helped to cover the ground well.

It seems that now we are into September, even though we haven't had much of a summer, Autumn could be on its way, the hedgerows were quite well laden with hips and haws, and I even found a walnut. What a brilliant day to be out riding - and it was work too!

Hedgerow Haws

Rose Hips


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