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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Electric Bikes at the NEC Motorhome Show

The Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC in October is always a big event for us, six days of talking to lots of lovely people about electric bikes. This year we also had our brand new model, the folding Dash, for sale for the very first time.

We were able to put up our new stand again, which we had used previously at the Cycle Show just one week before. This time we displayed a folded Breeze on the central podium, giving everyone the chance to see how well it folds. Usually when we have a folded bike on the stand it is on the floor and gets a bit overlooked. Putting this one above the ground certainly created more interest.

 Being next to one of the hall entrances meant we were busy right from the the time the show opened at ten until it closed at six. It was also quite difficult to get off the stand to take pictures, I would love to have had some when the stand was so busy we could hardly move, but obviously I can't just say "Can't talk now, got to take some snaps!" So the two pictures I have are the best I could manage with my phone in a brief respite.

I really enjoy being at this show because of the sheer volume of visitors that we get the chance to speak to. From existing customers that have come to see whats new or just to tell us where they have been on their bikes, to couples who have just started to look for their first motorhome and want to know about the benefits of electric bikes.

It is really nice to be able to spend time discussing how best to carry your electric bike, fully integrated rack, tow ball mounted rack, folded into a locker, stored in the living space of motorhome or caravan or in the boot of the car, the choice is huge. At the end of the day it comes down to how much and where you want to use your electric bike.

It is always worth considering if you would use your electric bike more if you could take it out for the day from home. Rather than having to use the motorhome to transport the bikes it might be useful to be able to fold the bikes to put them in the boot of the car.

Going out for the day from home can feel just as much like a holiday as a week away. A trip along one of the disused railway line cycle trails, a ride along the seafront or an outing following some forest trails can be really refreshing. Especially if you can find one of those gloriously sunny days that suddenly arrive amid gloomier weather.

That was the last show of the season, so now I'm looking forward to next years shows, or maybe a little winter testing......

Flying the Batribike Flag!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cycle Show 2012

The excitement that is the Cycle Show has come and gone and I'm only just getting round to my blog. we are launching a new folding electric bike, the Dash, at the Motorhome Show at the NEC next week so things have been busy.

The Cycle Show was great, we had loads of good comments about our new stand design, we loved the way the new podiums showed of the bikes. Having them raised of the ground it made the frames very much more tactile - they generally don't get stroked that much when they are displayed at floor level!

I didn't get much chance to look round the show but I did manage to grab a few photos of different or remarkable stands.

Interesting to see a car at the show - even if it was a Lotus!

Great to see the St John Ambulance response cycles.
Even the chairs on their stand were Hi Vis!

How tall is this bike!
I guess you have to dismount when you stop.
Or look for a lamp post to lean on.