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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cycle Show 2012

The excitement that is the Cycle Show has come and gone and I'm only just getting round to my blog. we are launching a new folding electric bike, the Dash, at the Motorhome Show at the NEC next week so things have been busy.

The Cycle Show was great, we had loads of good comments about our new stand design, we loved the way the new podiums showed of the bikes. Having them raised of the ground it made the frames very much more tactile - they generally don't get stroked that much when they are displayed at floor level!

I didn't get much chance to look round the show but I did manage to grab a few photos of different or remarkable stands.

Interesting to see a car at the show - even if it was a Lotus!

Great to see the St John Ambulance response cycles.
Even the chairs on their stand were Hi Vis!

How tall is this bike!
I guess you have to dismount when you stop.
Or look for a lamp post to lean on.

1 comment:

  1. The new stands looks very profesional Sue.
    Hopefully it will work its magic for you at the NEC this week, will you have a riding area there?

    All the best for the show.