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Monday, 11 March 2013

Sunny Start to the Day

Even with the overnight snow it was looking particularly beautiful at Batribike this morning. We have a couple of Trike deliveries to do so it was great to load up in the crisp sunshine.

A new delivery of the popular Trikes last week means that we are particularly busy this morning.

The Trike is a sought-after part of the Batribike range. The twenty inch wheels and narrower wheel base make it easy to manoeuvre and fit through doorways. The tilting feature is great too making it ride like an ordinary two wheeler and corner easier than a non-tilting tricycle.

Unfortunately once we were out on the road we were into blizzard conditions!

Aside from the blizzard the teasels are looking marvellous. The wind has blown the snow onto them and they are now fluffy white lollipops waving as we go past.

Lets hope the snowy conditions will be short lived and the sun is out again soon.


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