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Monday, 25 March 2013

The Green Trees of Woking

I was out and about in Woking on Friday and came across these bizarre trees. I thought at first that it was some sort of art installation, there were about twenty weird green lollipops dotted around the car park. My second thought was that perhaps Sainsbury’s were being kind and protecting them from frost or pests.

I had called in to the café at the supermarket for a cuppa and a piece of rather yummy chocolate cake. Driving round the access road I was struck by the appearance of the trees, they looked quite surreal in the chilly sleet.

I asked an assistant in the café about them. She said that she had been out for a few days and they were like at that when she came back. She thought at first it was some sort of St Patricks day stunt!

The reality is actually quite sad. The nets are to keep the birds from nesting in the trees, which will then be cut down. Apparently there will be a replanting programme though.

I much prefer the idea that they are some sort of installation art!


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