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Monday, 24 June 2013

Electric Bike Event in Bristol

We had a super day in Bristol yesterday. There we so many people interested in electric bikes we only had time to eat half our lunch!

It was an early start to the day leaving at 4.00 am - at least we stopped for breakfast on the way. We arrived on site just before eight and got everything set up for the day.

There were approximately twenty (I forgot to count) electric bike manufacturers with pop-up stands all set up in a long row. The riding area was paved and stretched along in front of the stands round the end of a water feature and then up and down slope in front of the town hall to a turning point and then back the same way.

It was good to have a slope so test riders could see how easily our bikes cope with hills. Once the show started we were really busy. There were many visitors who hadn't tried an electric bike before and they were all pleasantly surprised with the assistance and how easily it could be adjusted. Once again there was lots of interest in the Dash and several people who wanted to talk about "The Apprentice" experience.

All in all a good day, arriving back home at 10.00 pm, whew...


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