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Friday, 14 June 2013

The Dash on The Apprentice has created more press photos!

I have just arrived back from a photo shoot with the local paper. They were interested in the Dash and my busy day on Wednesday.

The photographer wanted to get some shots of me riding the bike and chose a suitable location. Whilst I hung on to his cameras he had great fun riding up and down on the Dash. "What brilliant fun! I love it" he said.

So then down to business on the photo shoot. I had to ride up and down the road, smiling (which wasn't difficult as the aforementioned Dash is fun to ride) and avoiding cars, lorries and stray pedestrians.

Riding back from the photo shoot

It's all in a days work at the moment, our appearance on The Apprentice has certainly created a lot of interest in Batribike and electric bikes in general.


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