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Monday, 17 March 2014

Thames Path and NCR1

The Thames Path opened in 1996 and follows the route of the Thames for 184 miles from its source in Gloucestershire to the Barrier at Charlton in London. Some parts of it are for walkers only and other parts cater for cyclists too.

On a gloriously sunny day yesterday we started at the Thames Barrier and joined many Londoners and tourists enjoying the route along to the Emirates Airline cable car next door to the O2 at Greenwich.

The sunshine made the whole scene very photogenic and it was great to see so many people enjoying the views.


  1. I love my Batribike. Makes Scottish hills a doddle!!

    BUT sometimes the handlbars came off while riding, twice this has happened. In spite of tightening the joint.

    Problem is the tiny Allen screw which doesnt always hold the rod in place, and the rod slips sideways on bumpy forest tracks.

    Tigfhtening the Allen screw helps, but only for a week or so !! It could be very dangerous. What do you recommend ??


    1. Hi Brian,

      I am delighted to hear that you love your Batribike.

      Depending on which model of bike you have the problem with the Allen screw may be alleviated with thread lock. We would however suggest that you take you bike to your Batribike dealer for attention or contact the Batribike office for further advice.


    2. Thanks Sue. My Dealer is 100 miles away in Edinburgh !

      I might try some superglue to stop the rod sliding. It can fix most problems :)