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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Day of Changing Weather

I have been out and about in the Batribike van today. I headed down to the south coast with conflicting weather reports ringing in my ears. Rain or sun, what would it be?

The Dartford crossing was fairly trouble free with not as much traffic as I had anticipated. Further along the M25 I turned off down the A21. Sometimes when you are driving on a big road you can almost forget that there is scenery all around. The A21 seems to defy this, as you sweep round a huge bend and under a tall bridge you seem to burst out onto a huge vista. The countryside is spread very wide and far into the distance. Today the distance was shrouded in mist and I thought I was heading for a downpour.

Luckily it did not materialise and I completed the journey with only a few spots on the windscreen. After my visit I parked up on the seafront to eat my sandwiches. The sun was racing in patches across the water.

Very soon though the weather changed and it was hailing hard!
Sunshine and Showers
My journey home after another visit took me through some leafy green lanes and the sun was shining again.

And past a very typical village green -

What a lovely day to be out and about in the Batribike van.


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