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Monday, 23 June 2014

Bristol Electric Bike Festival

What a brilliant day we had yesterday at the electric bike event organised by Bristol Council in conjunction with Batribike dealer Atmosphere.

It was an early start for us (4.30 a.m!!) as we we drove down from our base near Lincoln. We were all set and ready by 10 o'clock and waiting for the public.

The lovely thing about being out and about at different locations is that you get to see all sorts of places you wouldn't perhaps normally see. This time it was Bristol Cathedral. I was told that there were toilets for the event in the Cathedral. What a treat it was to go inside and see the lovely architecture. I even went out into the courtyard garden.

We were very busy with test rides going on all day - even at the end of the day when everybody was trying to pack up - we still had people out riding the Breeze. They wanted to try the Breeze particularly because they had been watching people test riding and said that everyone they had seen on the Breeze had looked very comfortable and happy. I am delighted that having ridden it they immediately asked if they could order one!

All the Batribike bikes had lots of interest but particularly the Dash Pro and Breeze - both folding electric bikes.

Also on show we had the Cykell tow ball mounted cycle carrier. We had it mounted on a display stand so that we could demonstrate how easy it is to fit. We had several people come and say "Well show me this fantastic new rack" in a way that showed they didn't think that they would be impressed. Once we had demonstrated it their reaction was "Wow! That's brilliant! Fantastic design"

All in all, a lovely day out in the sunshine and lots of lovely people riding the Batribike bikes.


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