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Monday, 7 July 2014

Le Tour - in Essex

The Tour de France was passing through Essex today and I couldn't let that pass by without going out to take a look. Ralph and I took the Granite Pro and Diamond Pro electric bikes, and our sandwiches, out to what we hoped would be a good spot to watch the action. Most of the way was on cycle paths and we were amazed at the numbers of cyclists and pedestrians all heading in the same direction.

The last section was on quiet country roads although there were a few cars that were obviously trying to get through while they could. The last road we needed was closed to cars which allowed us to ride side by side and enjoy the scenery and lovely weather.

When we arrived at our chosen vantage point there were already quite a number of spectators all enjoying the sunshine and a picnic. The mood was very friendly with everyone sharing their updates on where the riders were and how long everyone thought it would be before they arrived.

While we waited various support vehicles passed by bibbing their horns and waving. Then there was a gentleman on a Penny farthing, on of the French Gendarmes on a motorbike passed by and told him to get off and push, the crowd were disappointed and told the Penny Farthing rider "He's gone now you can ride again!"

Finally behind a cavalcade of motorcyclists came the riders, two a little way in front and then the Peleton - it was all over so fast - but I really enjoyed being there. Everyone was waving and cheering the riders on. When they had passed by along came a group of police motorcyclists and emergency vehicles and they got as big a cheer as the cyclists and were happy to wave back at the waving crowd.

Then it was time to ride back to the office. The first part was good, everybody was still excited and all together, then we were on the cycle path through fields which was lovely.

Sorry I am going to have a rant now - Once we got back into town with the crowds that had been on the streets there there was a marked change. I was absolutely amazed that these pedestrians had been to see a cycle event but then were completely intolerant and without consideration to the cyclists on the shared use route. The pedestrians filled the whole width of the cycle/pedestrian path and mumbled and complained when cyclists who had slowed and moved with consideration passed them! That's it rant over.

Rant aside it was a marvellous event and I am really glad that I made the effort to go out and watch.

Le Tour - In Yorkshire

Batribike has had a very busy weekend, not only were we at the East of England Electric Bike Show on Saturday we were also in Leeds for the Grand Depart.

To coinside with the start of the Tour de France the Yorkshire Bicycle Show was held in the Town Hall in Leeds. Batribike official dealer The South Yorkshire Electric Bike Centre was exhibiting there and Batribike went along to help demonstrate electric bikes on Saturday and Sunday.