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Monday, 2 February 2015

New Vintage Style Electric Bikes Wow at Expo

Batribike gave the trade a first look at the new Francis-Barnett electric bikes at the recent MotoExpo exhibition at Stoneleigh Park and we were delighted with the response. With regional assembly in mind, the open frame version was dressed with a food hamper filled with Lincolnshire produce.

MotoExpo is primarily aimed at the motorbike trade. There is a definite crossover between selling motorbikes and electric bikes. Many motorbike dealers are looking for an additional product and electric bicycles fall into this very neatly, especially for those already selling commuter type motorbikes.

It was great to see some of our existing dealers and some potential new ones as well. We were able to give them a first look at the new MTB style Batribike Storm which will be launched at the London Bike Show on 12th February.

The new Batribike Storm - looking good in white livery. Also available in matte black
We also launched the new Francis-Barnett vintage style electric bicycles at the show. Francis-Barnett is a motorbike brand that produced bikes from 1919 until 1966. They also produce an autocycle, which they called the Powerbike, this was essentially a bicycle with pedals and a very small engine.

In recent times Andrew Longfield who now owns the brand has been hand-building motorcycles near to the Coventry home of Francis-Barnett. For several years Andy has had a dream of producing electric bicycles following the ethos of the original founders who were targeting the need for reasonably priced personal transport.
The closed frame bike sat comfortably among the vintage motorcycles on the Dealer News stand.
Batribike will now be assembling the new Francis-Barnett electric bikes at our facility in Lincolnshire. The new bikes have a distinctive vintage styling with traditional curved handlebars and upright riding position and were very well received at the show. With 7 speed hub gears and five levels of pedal assist they are a quality, hand built, mode of transport for the modern era.

At Batribike we were delighted with the response to the new retro style, it seems that retro and vintage are very much on-trend at the moment and we eagerly await the May start date for assembly.


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