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Thursday, 30 April 2015

BA – Bicycle Association (of Great Britain) – AGM

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the BAGB AGM at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester.

It is quite a trip for me but the scenery and views on the way made up for the 4.5 hour journey. The weather was rather changeable with dull skies one minute and bright sunshine the next, we even had hail too.

Saw this vintage lorry at a filling station
Phillip Darnton OBE the Executive Director of the BA chaired the relaxed style meeting, which proved to be very informative with representatives from all areas of cycling attending.

Dr Ashok Sinha, Chief executive of The London Cycling Campaign gave an overview of the infrastructure changes that are improving things for cyclists in the capital. He believes that this will provide a model that will be adopted by other areas of the country.

Daniel Gillborn gave an overview of Cycle Scheme and stated that a high percentage of users are new or returning cyclists.

There was also an interactive presentation on British Cycling’s Go-Ride programme including a video of young riders who had started out on the programme and then had the honour of riding the start and finish of the Tour de France route amid the cheers of the excited crowds. I think that the commitment to cycling of these young riders is assured.

After the meeting it was back on the road again.

Fantastic walking boot sculpture in Oldham

Spectacular hill top views from the van

Craggy rocks on the hill top road

A vast expanse of sky

Sunlight on water near Barkisland

and finally ..... a rainbow in Huddersfield