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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Electric Bike Throttle - Buy Now!

Clarity for electric bike regulations is something everyone in the industry welcomes.

The regulations for electric bikes here in the UK have been quite confusing for a number of years. The EU regs said one thing and the UK regs said something else just slightly different. The motor size and maximum speed have now been brought into line which makes it much easier for the consumer. Standardisation on 15.5 mph (25kph) and a maximum motor size of 250w is very clear.

In the UK we have been able to fit a 'twist and go' throttle that allowed the rider to use power without peddling. From January 2016 new models with this feature will not be classed as bicycles. This means that most manufacturers will be posing out this feature.

The general advice must be that if you require an electric bike or trike with this feature - Buy Now! as stocks will be dwindling.

Any bikes purchased before this date will still be legal under the "grandfather rights" rule.

For more information read the recent article on Electric Bike Throttle on the Batribike website


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