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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Free electric bike insurance

We have been getting enquiries about electric bike insurance both to our main offices and via our dealers. Previously we could point customers to an insurance that was arranged through BEBA the British Electric Bicycle Association, however since the amalgamation of BEBA with the BA (Bicycle Association of Great Britain) this was no longer available.

We are always looking at ways to improve the package we offer and it seemed that electric bike insurance was something that matters to our customers. We looked at what was out there and talked to some insurance companies.

I like Lexham Insurance, they have a similar ‘family company’ attitude to Batribike and they specialise in two-wheeler insurance. The instant quote system on their website is very easy to use and is not Postcode weighted. I like this simple easy to use approach.

I met up with Andy Goodson the Sales and Marketing Director at Lexham and we discussed what was possible.

I think that the package we have come up with has all the important features and benefits that our customers are after. We are delighted that we are able to give away one month FREE electric bike insurance with every new Batribike, Francis-Barnett and V’Lec from 21st March 2016.

At Batribike we understand that an electric bike is for many a considered purchase. When we are out and about at shows we talk to customers and potential customers about their concerns. What we hear a lot is that they want to know how to keep their bikes safe.

There are ways of making it more difficult for those unscrupulous people out there to take or pass on your beloved ebike. We have been fitting the Datatag UV “Stealth” PRO Cycle System to all the bikes in our model range for two years. (We are the only electric bike company in the UK to be doing this.) The Datatag marking system makes it almost impossible to remove all the identifying marks on a bike making it much more unattractive to thieves.

The Datatag system is recognised by Lexham Insurance and they offer a 10% discount on premiums for bikes fitted with this system. This discount is available to all Batribike customers with the Datatag fitted, so even if you purchased your bike before the free insurance start date you can still benefit from the discount.

I believe that with the free electric bike insurance and the fitted Datatag Batribike is offering an excellent package alongside a quality electric bike with excellent warranty and UK backup. At Batribike we are very proud of our brand and are always striving to produce the best product in our price range.