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Friday, 24 June 2016

BAGB (Bicycle Association) Meeting

On Wednesday Ralph and I represented Batribike at the BA (Bicycle Association) meeting in Birmingham.

There was much talk of how the whole cycle industry here in the UK was faring. It was acknowledged that whilst some areas were flat there was an increase in sales of MTB's, and electric bikes continued to have the most growth.

2015 has proved to be a good year for electric bike sales and many in the industry have applauded the increased visibility the product has had, with more outlets than ever having electric bikes in stock and for demo.

At the end of the meeting Philip Darnton OBE, Executive Director of the BA, made a presentation to Alan Cater, retiring Technical Manager. Alan has worked tirelessly on standards and technical matters for the BA for 47 years. An outstanding achievement and testament to his dedication to the industry and the nitty gritty of technical standards.

The meeting was followed by a reception in the Club Room of the impressive Old Joint Stock Pub where further speeches and thanks were given.

Alan Cater (left) and Philip Darnton.


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