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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Vintage Bicycles

I was lucky enough to be out and about in the Norfolk / Suffolk / Cambridgeshire borders at the weekend and snapped some pictures of vintage and possible antique bicycles.

At Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse there is a museum of Norfolk life with all all sorts of farm transport. I saw these two lovely bikes hanging from a threshing machine.

This trike looks very ancient and more than a little wobbly!

Houghton Watermill was leased to the Youth Hostel Association for many years after it stopped working. It is seen as the backdrop for one of a series of cigarette cards depicting family cycling.

Taking young children out with you when you are cycling is nothing new as shown in this image from the 30's / 40's I wonder what they would make of the trailers and cargo bikes of today.

This bike was tucked away in a corner inside the mill and even though it is a vintage bike it looks very much of the style that has come back into fashion. All it needs is a battery and a motor and it would make an ideal electric bike.


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