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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

London Bike Show Success

Batribike was displaying and demonstrating the latest European built 2017 models at the London Bike Show last week.

Getting all the kit unloaded ready to build the stand
As usual build up day was fairly busy. When you arrive and empty the van it is hard to imagine that all those bits and pieces are going to transform into a sleek looking stand that will just be there for four days, before you take it all to pieces and pack it away again. This year we were hampered because I had injured my knee two weeks before. A torn medial tendon isn’t a great way to go to a show. However I had a strap on knee brace for support and managed well.

The frame for the back wall is taking shape

Stand complete and ready for show opening Thursday morning
Opposite our main stand and adjoining the test track we had the Batribike gazebo. We were able to demo all the 2017 bikes from there. On the first day the Delta proved extremely popular accomplishing 11 miles on the small test track.

The Batribike Delta on the stand
Thursday, the first day of the show, saw us busy with show visitors and members of the cycling press. Dave Atkinson from the cycling websites Road.cc and ebike tips was definitely interested in the styling of the new bikes. The next day the Batribike Perdu and Quintessential both featured in his “Hot 5 ebikes” from the show. Read what he said about them here - ebike tips

Batribike Perdu
Batribike Quintessential
It hardly seems any time at all before the show is over and it is time to pack up again. It’s not long until the Scottish Cycling show in Glasgow and we will be heading off to do it all again.

Time to pack it all away ready for the next time