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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Knee Rehabilitation by Electric Bike

Way back at the end of January I fell over and twisted my knee in a big way. Any of you who have seen us at shows since then will have seen me hobbling about and sometimes wearing a knee brace.

The consultant thought initially I had torn something but last Thursday I got the good news that I don't need an operation, nothing torn. I had just injured my knee in a very big way and now I need to get it working again.

Yesterday was my first physio session. I can't straighten completely and can only bend it about half way. I asked the physio about cycling and she said excellent! but don't over strain.

Going out on an electric bike is perfect to get my knee working again. Turning the pedals mobilises, and the electric motor assistance takes the strain on hills and inclines. To start with my knee was really stiff and I wasn't sure whether I was going to be going very far. As I got going it became easier and my knee got a little bit easier to move.

What a great afternoon it was to be riding on the Perdu. The wind was a little chilly but the sun was shining as I took the cycle path along the river. I found a whole field full of cowslips which looked fantastic.

Further on the blossom was coming out on the Hawthorn. It seems as though summer is just around the corner and now I am on the road to recovery I'm looking forward to lots more electric biking.


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