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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Cycling and Walking Innovations 2017

Batribike was at The Oval cricket ground yesterday. The Cycling and Walking Innovations 2017 event brought together decision makers and speakers from diverse backgrounds but all with a common goal.

An early start to the day as we travel into London.
Lots of cyclists making use of the cycle lanes.
The event focussed on innovation in active travel. This is an area where electric bikes are taking a strong lead. To reach government targets on increased cycle journeys and decreased emissions and congestion in towns and cities across the UK, decision makers need to be engaged and active.

There are several initiatives already implemented including dockless bike share schemes. These are being run by a number of different companies and are being rolled out across cities including London, Oxford and Norwich.

View of the Oval cricket ground
Erik Tetteroo from the Dutch Cycling Embassy spoke about innovations in infrastructure that could be easily implemented here. These included ways to stop congestion at cycle lane traffic lights.

Jesse Norman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport said that the shift to fully multi modal transport is happening. There will be a safety review for cycling and walking to ensure users are as protected and safe as possible. He wants to ensure a “harmonious interaction” between all transport users.

Jesse Norman addresses the conference
He commended electric bikes for helping older or less able riders and for giving confidence to all riders. Cycling, one of the oldest forms of transport is changing at an extremely fast rate – these are exciting times.

A new cycle route sign board on display
Batribike had several bikes on display and in the test ride area. It was great to be able to give people who have never ridden an electric bike a chance to “have a go”. Many attendees who talk about ebikes but have never ridden one now have a big grin having felt that electric assistance for the first time.

We look forward to exchanging further ideas and information with some of the people we met, and to hear about future innovations. Going forward, electric bikes are a really important part of the transport mix for the future.

A different view of the Shard for our journey home


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