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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Batribike on Tour

I have been out and about on tour since my last blog post. Some of this was a week ago and the weather just doesn't seem to know what season we are in.

I started my south coast tour at Brighton visiting our stockist Cycle Brighton. The family run business has all sorts of bikes for hire as well as Batribike electric bikes. They can suggest leisure routes and supply maps as well as doing bespoke tours. The sun was shining, it was a gorgeous day, and as I left two Batribikes were just going out on hire.

From there I headed west to the ebike-centre at Birdham on the outskirts of Chichester. It was heating up outside and the gadget on the dash said 25o It was good to spend time with Steve discussing bikes and seeing how his showroom has come on since I was there last.

Next up was Hayling Cycles. As I headed over the bridge onto the island the tide was in and the sun was sparkling off the water. I always enjoy getting out of the office and talking to our lovely Batribike dealers. We chatted about regulations and all sorts of things to do with electric bikes. Then Neil recommended an ice cream parlour down on the sea front - well I couldn't resist.

Having parked and selected from the amazing number of flavours available a walk on the beach seemed only reasonable. The wooden posts on the breakwaters were amazing. The sea had sculpted them and the sun cast brilliant shadows. A great end to the day.

The next day I had the chance to see the sea again - this time at Southsea. The Hovercraft was just heading off to the Isle of Wight.

Bournemouth next. I visited Colm at the eCycles Centre and enjoyed a great chat about various ebike projects he has going on.

I was still heading west.

On Saturday I was at the picturesque village of Topsham in Devon for a demo day with Route 2 Bike Shop.
It had been soo hot in the land up to the day that we were caught a bit by surprise by the short sharp shower in the morning. However it was great to meet with some past customers who had come along to see what was new with the range. The afternoon brightened and soon warmed up.

All too soon it was time to pack away and take the long drive home. As I headed away from Devon there at the side of the road - another ice-cream parlour! A farm using milk from its own dairy herd. Well, of course I had to stop.

My trip along the south coast had been interesting and productive but it is always nice to be home again and out for a ride along my regular route.

The Batribike Perdu and TEN-S in a field of Cowslips

The last time I had been out this way the cowslips weren't quite out and the field was more green than yellow. This time they were so close to being open. It is really nice to see a whole field full of what is usually a wild flower. Because of the long stem the flowers sit up high above the grass. The olde Essex name for them is "Peggles"  - which always makes me grin.


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