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Friday, 1 June 2018

Visit to Promovec Facility in Denmark

I have just come back from a visit to Promovec our Danish partner. Promovec designs and supplies the electrics for the Batribike range of electric bikes. The world renowned quality of Danish Design really shows up in the warranty we are able to provide with our bikes.

As far as we know no one else is giving a three-year motor warranty here in the UK. The transferrable warranty on all relevant parts of the Batribike range is also second to none.

It was my first visit to Denmark and so the first time I had visited the facility in Aarhus. It was great to meet the people and see where the innovation for their designs is taking place.

I was very interested to see the cycling culture in and around the city of Aarhus. When other countries were making space for cars in the 60’s the Danes refused to let the bicycle be pushed out and continued to build cycle lane infrastructure.

A panorama of one of the docks at Aarhus - sweltering in an unexpected heatwave

Unusual cityscape suspended upside down in a car park
There are some superb cycling signs around the city, which is not surprising when, on average, the citizens here cycle 2.5km a day. Even though the UK is behind Denmark in terms of infrastructure for cycling there is now a huge commitment to change this.

Cycle parking is everywhere

The Mayor of London is committed to improving cycling in the City and is now also promoting the use of electric bikes. Something we did not think possible even a few years ago. The Mayor of Greater Manchester has also unveiled plans to invest £160m in cycling and walking. This includes £50m a year for three years for cycling.

The future for electric bikes as everyday transport here in the UK is very bright.


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