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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Ride London Reduces City’s Air Pollution

The two-day Ride London event last weekend helped to produce compelling evidence to show how reducing polluting vehicles can help us to breathe clean air.

BikeBiz the cycle industry trade community has published a graph produced by Professor Jo Wood at City University London. The data has been collected from Putney where there are only bicycles during the event. The red line on the graph clearly shows a drop in harmful gasses. The data has been collected over the years 2013 to 2018 and illustrates the same drop every year when the event is on.

Graph by Jo Wood with data from LondonAir.org.uk
Last year there was similar data collected when Newcastle closed roads for a family cycling event.

In April this year The Evening Standard reported an 89% drop in air pollution during the London marathon. Data to support this was collected at an air quality station monitored by Kings College London. Over a 12 hour period 7am to 7pm experts found air quality along Upper Thames improved by almost nine tenths.

Efforts are being made countrywide to improve Cycling Infrastructure and to encourage people to use more environmentally friendly forms of transport.

Electric bikes can go a long way to helping people to make the transition to less polluting transport. The ease of use and the opportunities to carry cargo make ebikes the transport solution for all our futures.

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