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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Sunshine and Photography

A couple of weeks ago we were out on a photo shoot in Mid-Essex in glorious sunshine. Our first stop was Thorndon Park, Brentwood. There are some lovely cycle trails here and a forest type feel to some of the areas.

BATRIBIKE ALPHA | Shimano hydraulic disc brakes | 24 gears and suspension forks | Mudguards and lights included

The white Batribike Alpha looked gorgeous on this lovely wide trail. There were a few leaves on the ground and the dappled sunshine coming through the canopy.

BATRIBIKE DELTA | Hidden battery MTB | High quality Shimano brakes and gears | Lightweight and confident off-road

In contrast the Batribike Delta eMTB looks set for a great adventure against the ridged bark on this tree.

From Thorndon Park we headed through the villages towards Chelmsford. The Red Lion pub at Margaretting was such a great colour in the sunshine we just had to stop and take some pictures of the Quintessential.
BATRIBIKE QUINTESSENTIAL | Classic Style - Vintage looks | Hidden Battery in saddlebag | Basket included

The regulars inside were intrigued to see what was going on and came out to see us. It was great to be able to chat about electric bikes and how they worked. Everyone was amazed at the hidden battery in the saddlebag. The Landlady and Landlord came out to see why everyone was busy outside and couldn't resist having their photo taken with the bike.

BATRIBIKE QUINTESSENTIAL | Classic Style - Vintage looks | Hidden Battery in saddlebag | Basket included

Finally we headed to an iconic Chelmsford landmark, Hylands House for a last couple of pictures with the Omega and Perdu step-through style bikes.

BATRIBIKE OMEGA | Lightest in class | Low seat position, suits the shorter rider | Easy to use with 7 speed hub gears | BATRIBIKE PERDU | Hidden Battery and Wheel Lock - use same key | Suspension forks and seat post | Easy Adjust handlebars

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The Cycle Show 2018

The Cycle Show has come and gone for another year. As always it is a busy time for us. When we are waiting for the doors to open on the very first day it is lovely to see our stand looking smart with shiny bikes.

Steve, Jesper and Jørgen waiting for the show to start on day one

This year there seemed to be a few less exhibitors in the electric bike area, some of the cheaper Chinese offerings were conspicuously absent. The Batribike range is built in Europe using Danish design and offers what we believe is an industry leading warranty, customers really appreciated the quality of our components and our competitive prices.

The first day of the show is trade day and we were busy all day on the Batribike stand, talking to existing and new dealers. It is great when professionals in the industry love our bikes too. Today – back from the show - we are busy adding all the new locations to the “where to buy a Batribike” map on the website.

The show was open to the public from Friday morning and our test ride area bikes were busy straight away. With comments like “smooth”, “comfortable” and “easy to ride” coming from the riders we were more than happy with the impact the Batribike range was having.

It is not often that we have something so new on the stand that we don't even have an info tag for it. When the guys came from Denmark for the show they brought with them our brand new filing electric bike - the Dart - it will be available in the Spring with a ticket price from £999. The styling and the black and white paint finish certainly caught the eye of a lot of show goers. Look out for it on our website early in 2019.

I do enjoy working at shows like this, it is so nice when existing customers come back to see us and tell us where they have been on their bicycles, we know that Batribike is part of their journey and their leisure time.

She just couldn't resist stopping to take a picture of the stylish Quintessential
All too soon the show is over and it is time to pack up. When visitors come into the halls and see all the lovely stands they could be forgiven for thinking that it always looks like that. The reality is that when we arrive, and when we leave, the hall is completely empty. We bring our complete stand with us packed up in a van, which is why we are so proud to see it looking lovely at the start of the show. It takes just over 10 hours to set it all up and a mere 3 and a half hours to take it all down and pack it back in the vans – until the next show…