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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Preparing to Ride your Electric Bike in Winter

The weather has been mild so far this winter, and autumn seems to be stretching all the way to Christmas, but it still makes sense to be prepared.

When we think about riding in winter we often think about snow and icy roads, but it can be the rain and the wet roads that are around for the longest.

Check over your e-Bike

Now is a good time to give your bike a good check over to make sure that the lights, brakes and gears are all working. Most of the bikes in the Batribike range come with mudguards to protect you from the worst of the road spray, check they are properly aligned so that they are working efficiently. Make sure that your tyres are in good condition and are inflated correctly. Under inflation can reduce the efficiency of your electric system. If you are unsure, you can take your bike into your local Batribike dealer for a service.

Riding in the Rain

You can ride your Batribike electric bike in the rain, the components are protected from water spray. However you should not ride through deep water or jet wash your bike, which could force water into connections. Remember that it takes longer to stop in the wet and that puddles can often hide a nasty pothole.

Look after your Battery

Looking after the battery is a key part of owning an e-Bike. If temperatures drop below 0° you should remove your battery when you are parking or storing your bike. The battery will work more efficiently if you store it at room temperature and just fit it to your bike while riding. This applies to charging the battery as well. Check your manual for full instructions.

What to Wear

Protect yourself too! Make sure that you have some protective clothing such as waterproofs and warm gloves. It will make the journey much more enjoyable.

Be safe – be seen! Wear something bright and or reflective, you may need to use your bike lights even in the daylight on more dismal days.

For those of you who prefer to pack your bike away for the winter, make sure that your e-Bike is clean and dry before you put it to bed. Do not leave the battery in a storage area that will drop to freezing over the winter. It is best to remove the battery and put it somewhere where it can remain at room temperature. Ensure your battery is charged and don’t forget to charge it over the winter even if you are not using it.

It’s all common sense really, enjoy your riding, be prepared and stay safe!


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