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Friday, 26 April 2019

Photo Shoot for the new Batribike Dart

Launching a new bike means there is lots of preparation to be done before hand. At Batribike we create a very extensive and carefully written customer manual. Then there is the sales brochure for the year, a data sheet with all the technical specifications and the listing on our web page. This all needs studio shots of the bike from various angles and some lifestyle pictures.

In February I headed out to get the lifestyle photos with an idea that some canal side shots would work very well with the Dart. The Dart is a nice lightweight folding electric bike that will suit both leisure riders and commuters.

My first location was Twyford Lock no. 2 on the Stort Navigation. It was a gloriously sunny day, which you think would be ideal. However, with no leaves on the trees the trunks and branches cast very stark shadows so I needed to pick my shots carefully. The white bike frame with black accessories looks very stylish but again proved problematic – getting the exposure right on both colours was a bit tricky.

Lots of stripes confuse the eye
Still stripes and the seat is lost
I moved the bike around the location looking for the best picture. As I was wondering whether to move on, a narrow boat came up into the lock and I stopped to watch. The owners were interested to see what I was doing too, and said that the Dart looked ideal for riding on towpaths. They kindly suggested that I could fold the bike and stand it on their boat.

Folded on deck
My favourite shot of the day
My best picture that day was of them leaving the lock. The portrait format wasn’t ideal for the Batribike brochure so I went out again a couple of days later.

My second location was Paper Mill Lock on the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation. It was another sunny day with walkers on the towpath and customers sitting outside the nearby tearooms. There are lots of boats moored here but the most interesting ones were on the wrong side of the canal for both the light and for me to get to.

I love the colours of the boat covers but the Dart needs to be the star of the picture

I shuffled the bike up and down the towpath looking for the best angle. Again there was lots of interest in the Dart and what I was doing. I do enjoy being out and about with the electric bikes people are always interested to hear about how they work.

The final brochure shot
I am pleased with my picture from Paper Mill Lock that is used in this season’s Batribike brochure it really seems to encapsulate what the Dart is all about.

Read more about the Batribike Dart on the website and test ride a various locations around the UK.


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