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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Along the Lee Valley by Electric Bike

What better way to spend a Sunday than riding along the river with friends. The Lee Valley is a linear country park that stretches 26 miles and spans three counties, Hertfordshire, Essex and Greater London. Bizarrely it's called the Lee Valley but it runs along the banks of the River Lea.
We met at Gunpowder Park at Waltham Abbey, which has easy parking. The park here has been reclaimed from what was once the Royal Ordnance munitions testing facility. From here you can cycle 15 miles all the way to the Thames at East India Dock.

Our friends were on standard road bikes, and when we arranged to meet we hadn't considered the fact that they would be on skinny road tyres, which weren't ideal for some of the gravelly sections. We were riding the Batribike Alpha and the Batribike Perdu which were perfect for the varied terrain.

With lots of stops to look at the scenery and wildlife we rode for about 7.5 miles down to Tottenham Marshes. When I suggested the ride I hadn't imagined that there would be so many canal boats, I was great to see them going through the locks.

The first part to Picketts Lock was very picturesque with fields one side and the river on the other, as we went further along the scenery became more industrial.

After a picnic lunch we turned round and headed back - the only problem with a linear park - it's always there and back and not round in a circuit! The weather was glorious and it was a lovely ride, definitely somewhere we will be going again, maybe next time we will head the other way.


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