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Friday, 29 November 2019

Delivered Food – The Takeaway Evolution

Electric cargo bikes and trikes are ideal delivery vehicles for many goods including delivered food. Just a short online search and I am bombarded by statistics on the enormous growth in this sector. Exhibiting at the recent Restaurant and Takeaway Show confirmed the huge interest in The e-Cargo Trike and Akita eCargo bike coming soon from Batribike.

Food delivery was worth over £8 billion in 2018 and it’s growing so fast you can almost hear the sizzle. Customers want convenience and are spending nearly £10 per head to get that. Those that do use some sort of delivered food service are, on average, ordering twice a month.

These statistics are impressive, and important. It is also important to think about what you can offer and how you could be different from everyone else. There is a lot of competition and it is key to make sure your offering stands out from the crowd.

Delivered by you
When you have spent time and effort producing that perfect meal you want to be sure that it is delivered in the best condition.

Surveys show that delivery time, the appearance of the food, spillages and the consumers experience with the delivery driver all have an impact.

If you are delivering the food, all these factors are in your control. An electric cargo bike can give you that. Delivered by You can give a very personal service and show that you care.

Local produce, local delivery
Delivered food is a treat! It makes life easier when you don’t want to cook. Customers want to feel good about it. These are just some of the points raised in my online search.

So, if you are cooking with the best locally sourced ingredients – why not deliver that food direct to your customers’ door using a sustainable mode of transport? eCargo bikes cost pence to charge, require no licence and can use the local cycle network.

e-Cargo Bikes for businesses small or large
Whatever the size of your business it is important that your customers get a really positive experience from their food delivery. That’s what will keep them coming back to you. So it’s not just about how the meal is when it leaves your kitchen, it’s about how it is when it gets to your customer.

With your own Cargo bike, or fleet of bikes you get to be in control of that important delivery. Why choose electric? Well it just makes things easier. You don’t have to be a racing cyclist to get across town. The electric assistance means that you can maintain a good speed easily – and get there quicker.

Take your delivered food business to the next level
Deliver your great food to your customer, efficiently, sustainably and with all the care you put into creating the dish.


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